Raymond Gervais
Christof Migone
Jocelyn Robert

Edited by Michèle Thériault
Essay by Michèle Thériault

In English and French
96 p. ill. ISBN 978-2-920394-72-8

Published in conjunction with the exhibition

Through the installations of Raymond Gervais, Christof Migone and Jocelyn Robert, this publication reflects upon the CUT that occurs, in a ‘thousand ways’, in a work and in its conception. Cuttings, interruptions, suppressions, stops, divisions, resistance, penetrations, links, juxtapositions, reformulations: a set of rhythmic activities around which a work comes to be, achieves sense or non-sense. CUT evokes both the ‘shock’ that the act of cutting suggests and the multiple cuts that take place in a process such as film editing that results in a re-structuring of time and space.