MARTIN BECK: blank frame, January Thaw (AS17–162–24036, ISBN 0–87810–530–1), 2012

Offset printed photograph, folded, 37.5 x 55.9 cm (18.8 x 28 cm folded), and torn book page
, 17.7 x app. 13 cm
Edition of 65 + 10 AP + 5 PP

$ 200 + tax

blank frame, January Thaw (AS17–162–24036, ISBN 0–87810–530–1) is an editioned work consisting of two elements per edition number: an offset printed four-color photograph is folded two times to a quarter of its size, image on inside; a single page torn from a book is loosly inserted into the folded photograph. Each edition number contains a different book page.

The photograph is a so-called “blank frame” from film roll number 162 from the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, the final manned mission of the Apollo program as well as the final mission to land on the moon. Roll 162 was exposed after completing the mission on the moon surface: immediately after takeoff, during translunar coast and in lunar orbit, astronauts Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ronald Evans photographed each other as well as the moon’s surface from the Command Module. Roll 162 contains two blank frames (AS 17–162–24036 is one of them) which have either resulted from camera malfunction or mishandling.

Each edition number includes a single page ripped from January Thaw: People at Blue Mountain Ranch Write About Living Together in the Mountains, published by Times Change Press in New York in 1974 (ISBN 0–878–530–1). The book is an account of life in a country commune in the early 1970s and gives voice to commune members’ experiences with practicalities of country living, the negotiation of new social structures, and artistic endeavors. It includes first person descriptions, poetry, and images. The book’s page count of 160 defines the overall edition number of 80 (65 + 10 AP + 5 AP). Some book pages are plain text, others show chapter headers, images, and advertisements for related books in the back of the volume.