Jeroen de Rijke/Willem de Rooij, Pascal Grandmaison, Gwen MacGregor, Jocelyn Robert, Michael Snow, Andy Warhol

Edited by Michèle Thériault
Essays by Stefan Jovanovic and Michèle Thériault

In English and French
120 p. ill. ISBN 2-920394-63-0

Published in conjunction with the exhibition

Today the moving image is at the centre of a growing number of exhibitions. This publication reflects upon the nature of time itself in film and video. Through works marked by slowness of their movement or the quasi-fixity of the image, the notion of duration is examined in relation to different modes of presentation. Work by young artists – Pascal Grandmaison, Gwen MacGregor, Jocelyn Robert and Jeroen de Rijke/Willem de Rooij – are made to enter into a dialogue with two artists whose early experimentation with duration in film were transformative to their medium: Michael Snow (One Second in Montreal, See You Later) and Andy Warhol (Empire, Screen Tests). Three essays are accompanied by artists’s commentaries. This publication signals the Gallery’s renewed commitment to the integration of Canadian with international art discourse.