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Positions and Internships

As part of the Work Study Program, eligible students are hired as reception attendants or as researchers. Hiring takes place just before the session begins in the fall, winter and summer. The period of work extends from September to June of the next year.

A curatorial internship takes place during the winter session. The call for applicants takes place in the fall and the internship is a course offered in the Masters in Art History. For information, please contact the Graduate Program Director in Art History or the Gallery.

Attendants: Yasmine Tremblay
Researchers and internships: Michèle Thériault

Volunteer work is also possible.


The Ann Duncan Award is an undergraduate international travel and tuition award given every two years alternating between Studio Arts and Art History students.

The next call for applicants will take place in the fall of 2024.


Upon presentation of their card, students receive a 20% discount on all publications edited by the Gallery.