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The Gallery is currently closed to the public while installing Lorenza Böttner: Requiem for the Norm, curated by philosopher Paul B. Preciado.


Going to, Making Do, Passing Just the Same

Edited by Edith Brunette and François Lemieux

Blues Klair. Vincent Meessen

Edited by Vincent Meessen and Michèle Thériault

With texts by Corinne Diserens, Eric Fillion, Harmony Holiday, Gylan Kain, Vincent Meessen and Matthew Quest



Explore the second part of Terms: Vulnerability now available online. This edition continues the reflection initiated in Part 1 on the term and notion of “vulnerability,” this time considering it from the angle of information technologies and computer security.

The program includes texts by researcher in law, policy, and computer security Yuan Stevens, and by artist, researcher, and cultural worker Anne-Marie Trépanier, as well as three videos by artist Elizabeth Vander Zaag from the late 1970s and early 1980s.


What is a weed?

February 1 – May 16, 2021

A collaborative online project co-created by Eve Tagny and Io Makandal.

Through essays of images and texts that use the digital landscape as fertile ground, What is a weed? attempts to map out a plant-centric “third landscape,” where weeds guide and deepen reflections into such themes as desirability, patterns of migration, botanical colonialism, ruptures between body and nature, as well as the tensions between organic and synthetic environments.



APRIL 29 – JUNE 19, 2021

Lorenza Böttner: Requiem for the Norm, curated by philosopher Paul B. Preciado is the first major monographic survey of Chilean/German artist Lorenza Böttner’s lifework. A transwoman with a disability, Böttner tirelessly worked in painting, dance, performance, photography and installation to generate a body of work that celebrated her standpoint and gender expression, resolutely transgressing and refusing any and all ableist and gender-normative prescriptions.

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This circulating exhibition is produced by the Art Museum at the University of Toronto in collaboration with Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart and La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona.


The Gallery’s programming is free and open for all, in absence of fees we encourage you to make a one-time or recurrent donation to Solidarity Across Borders, a network of migrants and their allies confronting injustice within the immigration and refugee system through education, support, and political mobilization.

Your contribution will go to their mutual aid fund. Distributed to Montrealers without permanent immigration status to help pay for rent, food, medication and basic utilities, donations to the fund are one way to offer material support to their struggle and the larger movement for complete and immediate regularization of immigration status.

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September 2006 -- MONTREAL


Kan Ya Ma Kan | كان يا ما كان | Once There Was, Once There Wasn’t

Thursday, April 15, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Free, Online
In Arabic
Limited spaces, RSVP :

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We warmly welcome Joëlle Dubé (art history) and Maddy Capozzi (design) recipients of the Expanding Exhibitions Residency. Over the next four months, they will explore the exhibition World of Matter: Exposing Resource Ecologies (2015) from the standpoint of rules and norms that govern extraction, and the notion of planetarity to develop a digital project that will be available on our website.